We Are What We Do


We Are What We Do, a not-for-profit behaviour change company, started with a simple idea - Get enough people doing small things and big change will happen.

As Design Director of the project, this simple idea became tangible actions in the form of a book - Change the World for a Fiver - which ended up spending weeks at the top of the best sellers lists. It was so successful that we produced 8 international editions. But it didn't stop there. So great was the demand that we created an equally innovative design for the sequel - Change the World 9-5 - and a website which at the last count had over 4.8 million actions recorded.

The book captured the zeitgeist of the time. As you might expect, merchandise followed - a travelling exhibition, posters, postcards, calendars, Christmas cards and t-shirts. And most noteably the creation of the world famous, 'I'm not a plastic bag'. This campaign was at the fore front of the anti-plastic bag movement. It was estimated that in 2006, the UK alone used 10.6bn plastic bags, this figure dropped to 6.1bn in 2010 following the campaign.

A truly global phenomenon and a pleasure and honour to have been involved from the start of the project.

Change the World for a Fiver - Selling over 1.5 million copies since it's launch

Action No1. Decline plastic bags wherever possible. At the forefront of the anti plastic bags movement.

Simple actions along with all the key information you'd need to do them

Spending time with someone from a different generation

The sequel - Change the World 9-5. Encouraging people to make a difference from their desks

Actions were more business focused in this work focused sequel

Giving your IT problem team a call - just to say hi.

Encouraging people to look beyond the labels and find out where their lunch has come from

Postcards were produced for both editions of the book

Promotional posters

A traveling exhibition that toured the country - starting off in London's prestigious Festival Hall on the South Bank

Then touring the countries major cities

The bag who's phenomenal demand started riots in Japan

The website which recently recorded it's 4.8 millionth action

An Action tracker that tracks progress of all the actions from the book

Each action was accompanied with a short animation describing what it was all about

International editions of Change the World for a Fiver