Schillings were already the leading name in defamation and privacy law. Representing everyone from major brands to minor royals, they were feared and respected the length of Fleet Street.
Their world was turned upside down however, when a number of high profile cases demonstrated how easy it now was for social networks to side step the traditional media. With the old model of privacy broken Schillings were faced with a simple choice, adapt or get left behind.
Schillings realised that to be an effective defence to reputation in the modern era, they would need to create a new business model and originate new services. It became clear that to effectively articulate this new business model, Schillings would need to be fundamentally repositioned at the head of the social media revolution.
The positioning statement - ‘law at the speed of reputation’ - recognises that to counter the exponential rate at which reputation damage can occur in a digital world, you need a law firm that’s faster.
If social media’s effect on reputation feels like an unstoppable force, the identity feels like an immovable object. With an industrial-strength logotype and chunky brackets that are the visual equivalent of steel girders, a means of containing the multitude of reputation threats that the digital world has made probable.