Oxford Street rebrand


As a street better known for over-crowding than crowd pleasing, and with new competition from two pristine shopping centres on the opposite sides of town, we felt that Oxford Street was under some pressure to protect its status as a world-renowned shopping destination and a British institution.
Beginning with the thought ‘It all starts here’, we encouraged the street to think of itself not just as a stretch from Centrepoint to Marble Arch, but as everything within a 100m radius, bringing restaurants, galleries and many more shops into its remit, turning our client into the world’s biggest mega-mall.
The ‘X’ of the identity is taken from the ‘x’ in ‘Oxford’, and reminds us of the sign of buried treasure on a map, but it also gives us a bold, iconic shape which can be used either on its own as a statement of a new, confident brand, or as a window to the thousands of wonders that the street has to offer, from food, to fashion, to the famous West End.

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It all starts here

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