Nokia Siemens Networks


Nokia Siemens Networks was formed in April 2007 from the network infrastructure businesses of Siemens and Nokia. With revenues of approx. €16 billion, 60,000 employees and customers in 150 countries, it was important that this new organisation set out its stall early to engage employees and reassure customers.


The right mix of customer communications was critical. We announced the new company to the world by creating and rolling-out an advertising campaign in 17 languages and across 50 countries. With just 600 customers and a limited budget, we needed to take a highly targeted approach. We formed partnerships with specialised media, guerrilla events at trade shows, and posters outside customer sites, and smart online marketing. The work was targeted as much at employees as at customers. It was critical that new employees felt a sense of pride and customers were reassured and excited by the new company's plans.


As a result, Nokia Siemens Networks is outperforming its industry and has avoided integration issues. Despite being only 11th by marketing spend, the brand is ranked 2nd in brand strength against all its peers.

Advertising campaign for Nokia Siemens Networks

Press adverts showcasing NSN's unique offer

Campaign development using launch materials and a new format of endline

Spreads from trade literature and advertorials

Building wrap at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona

Environmental graphics at trade fairs across Europe