La Villette


The Parc de la Villette in Paris was struggling to retain ownership over communications. Home to the extremely popular City of Science and Industry, a music museum and three major concert venues hosting hundreds of acts annually, the park found itself competing with all it's partners logos and brands.

The solution was found in the iconic 'V' of Villette. Taking the simple triangle shape and building it into a bar that could be used on the side of any piece of communication, allowing the park to own it's many events without competing with the sponsors messages.

The introduction of a singular typeface, all type written on a 5 degree angle, and the introduction of simpler, impactful imagery gave the park a unified and arresting house style with sufficient flex to match the variety of it's hosted events.

Re-brand for La Villette - resulting in comms materials for all the companies performing in the park

Seasonal printed materials - programmes, posters and flyers

Large hooks used to literally attract people to the events in the park