John Lewis Partnership CSR


The John Lewis Partnership (JLP) needed an internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy to communicate environmental messages to their partners and employees. As with any CSR poliy, it was important that the messages should be communicated in a playful, engaging way, and avoiding preaching and lecturing.

The founding principle of JLP is based around the fact that it is owned by it's employees - it's partners. It's all about the people. So who better to communicate the message than the people themselves. A series of cheeky and engaging hands displayed the messages encouraging people to take simple steps to improve the environment - such as turning off the lights when they were done.

John Lewis Partnership - internal CSR campaign

Partners hands were used to communicate the brand messages

Popping out of switches, with handy reminders

Graphics in the kitchens with helpful messages

A variety of messages for the bins

The messages continued right to the doors of the warehouses