Greenpeace (various)


Greenpeace approached us to help them on a number of their broad range of environmental campaigns; overfishing, the oil industry being just two. As you’d expect, all Greenpeace campaigns need to combine a unique combination of creativity, insight and action. Known for being pioneering, uncompromising and cheeky, Greenpeace's campaigns need to reflect this ethos.

As with any campaign, the approach was to create messages and materials that make people look and think by using visuals that need to be surprising, imaginative and highly creative. The campaigns shown here are about very different issues, each in their own way quite complex and technical. The skill is to take the complicated issue and transform it into a simple, easy to understand compelling message. Each of the campaigns play with irony, humour and parody to ensure they cut through into the public imagination.

Greenpeace campaign encouraging people to 'Go beyond oil' and investigate what their pensions are being invested in

The 'Got Oil' campaign encouraged the public to check where they were investing their pension funds to see if they had oil on their hands.

'Got Oil' camoaign ran online and in national press adverts in all the major broadsheets.

The 'Got Oil' campaign website - the campaign hub and the central sign up point for the campaign.

Greenpeace's campaign against overfishing - Naming and brand development

Ocean Action - brand development