Engine – Our little bit CSR


The Engine Group is an independent and integrated marketing communications agency with over 500 employees. They needed a Corporate Social Responsibility policy and brand to ensure that they were as an agency - doing their little bit.

Rather than another unachievable overarching claim, we wanted to keep it real, so  'Our Little Bit' summed it up nicely.  The brand was based on engine cogs and spoke to employees in a humorous tone. Not patronising or lecturing, but communicating the facts and encouraging ethical behaviour wherever possible.

Stickers and posters around the company helped make a drive a change in behaviour. There were immediate cost savings through recycling, better water and electricity management. Waste levels also dropped dramatically through a thorough recycling programme.

The effects of the campaign were immediate and widespread. Costs of consumables reduced by 34% within the six months following the launch of the campaign. And transport requirements shifted from private cars towards trains and other public transport means wherever possible. Another example of good green business sense in action.

Engine Group – CSR policy. Naming, brand development and rollout

Individual cogs flowers brought attention to the environmental requirements of the Engine group

A welcome flyer introducing the brand and explaining the CSR policy

Each cog with a CSR message

Large displays in the agencies reception

A digital portal for Our Little Bit

Newsletters were produced every quarter and provided updates