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Aspire burst onto the property scene in 2003 - one of a new breed of contemporary estate agents in South West London. Over the years they distinguished themselves from the competition through the outstanding service they deliver their clients, but this was not being communicated as well as it should be through their brand.
Since the launch of the agency, the company successfully grew from one office, to a network of eight across SW London. During that time the housing market changed dramatically, as did the demographic of their client base. A re-brand was imperative, to ensure that they were continuing to be relevant and were communicating with their customers as clearly and as appropriately as possible.
After 11 years of success and growth, Aspire were no longer the new kids on the block. With a well deserved reputation for service excellence, expertise and adding value to each transaction, a new brand identity was required to closer align their company look and feel with their target audience. The new brand needed to deliver consistency across the network, and to encapsulate the sense of experience, maturity and in-depth knowledge that runs throughout the agency.
A strategic approach was taken to Aspire’s business and a brand personaty created that builds on the meaning behind the agency’s name. Aspire. To aim for, to desire, to want. The triangular symbols are used as a device to communicate this aspirational theme whilst making a subtle reference to the A in the word-mark. The design combines a timeless quality with a vibrancy, which is reflected in both the typographic style and the colour palette.
The new branding has given the agency a new lease of life, and will successfully manage to deliver consistency across the network of offices. In a crowded marketplace, the brand has given Aspire a unique positioning and visual appearance, enabling them to stand out across the board, ensuring every element of the brand conveys the brand ethos.

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