Absolut Cut product launch


Absolut Cut was the Absolut brand's first foray into the world of pre-mixed drinks. Absolut Cut is a mix of Vodka and tonic blended with a lemon and lime twist. Rather than running a typical drinks launch campaign we proposed an alternative announcement to the world.


Taking over short-let tenancies in 5 major UK cities, we created window displays of intrigue. Working with a specialist product designer we developed 'cuts' in the window with peep holes allowing passers by to peer through the holes and get an exclusive preview of the teaser campaign for the new drink. Each cut peephole concealed a different display, each hinting at details of of the new product. Displays including ice sculptures with concentric cuts, to animated digital illusions revealing coded URLs.


The mystery window displays caught the attention of the local press, with bloggers and websites asking what they were all about. The secret was finally revealed in each of the 5 cities, where key cultural movers and shakers in the city were invited to launch parties held in the vacant mystery shops.

The peep holes each revealed a different display hinting at the product

Product launch venues - disused shop premises taken for short lets and converted

Launch invitations

Launch merchandise

The product, revealed at high profile, talked about launch parties