IFAW website redesign


The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is currently one of the largest animal welfare and conservation charities in the world. As well as campaigning, they carry out on-the-ground work helping animals in crisis.


Despite being an organisation with a strong reputation and clear vision, the IFAW wanted clarity in their online presence which was chaotic and confusing. The website had grown organically and as a consequence, was unwieldy and a barrier to engaging people with campaigns or fundraising.


A user centred approach was key to this project. Research, consultation and social media evaluation was used to inform a wholly new approach to the IFAW website. Content was stripped back and made more accessible. Images and key messages were given greater consideration and prominence. Fundraising and campaigns were brought to the fore, giving members of the public an easy way to support IFAW’s work.


The clean redesign had a big impact. Page views shot up by 43%, the bounce rate dropped by 23%, the site attracted 47% more visitors, users time spent on site increased by 50% and online donations for December to February were up 18% from the previous year. (All figures based on a 60 day traffic comparison of 2011 US site vs 2012 US site).




International Fund for Animal Welfare website redesign

Colour coded sections flagged key areas where action was required

Making the most of IFAW's great image library and using bold, strong imagery wherever possible

IA was focused on directing users towards the donations pages

A news page, with social media intrgeation, joining the disparate communities of animal welfare supporters